Jimmy Kelly’s Satisfies with Certified Hereford Beef - Certified Hereford Beef

Jimmy Kelly’s Satisfies with Certified Hereford Beef

While at the NCBA convention and tradeshow in Nashville, Certified Hereford Beef and American Hereford Association staff had the opportunity to eat at several local restaurants serving CHB, including local staple Jimmy Kelly’s Steakhouse.

Jimmy Kelly’s opened its doors in 1934 when the late John Kelly founded the American steakhouse one year after the end of prohibition. Mike Kelly, grandson to founder John, now owns Jimmy Kelly’s. Eighty-three years later, the restaurant is serving tender, juicy and flavorful CHB steaks in a southern-mansion nestled in the heart of Music City.

“We picked up a few CHB products about eight years ago and were pleasantly surprised,” Mike says. “For about seven years we’ve had a completely Hereford beef program.”

For the iconic steakhouse, consistency in their product is key.

“The consistency of the Hereford product is above average,” Mike says. “Rule number one in the restaurant business is you have to be consistent. We had a very good product before, but we felt the CHB was consistently above average and had a very exceptional flavor profile. It was noticeably different.”

One unique aspect of the Kelly family is they used to be in the cattle business.

“When I was a kid, we had a farm right outside Nashville and raised cattle for 25 years,” Mike says. “I was lucky to grow up and learn appreciation for that side of the business as well.”

Mike says he is grateful Hereford breeders work hard to produce a high-quality product.

“I really appreciate all of those cattlemen out there continually producing the CHB product,” Mike says. “It’s clear the producers recognize the need for a quality product and they are continuing to produce it. It’s what keeps our business strong.”