Prime Imports Costa Rica Visits Certified Hereford Beef

Prime Imports Costa Rica Visits Certified Hereford Beef
Certified Hereford Beef and the American Hereford Association staff hosted two international guests from Costa Rica in March.

Luis Javier Martinez Quesada, Prime Imports managing director, and Michael Acuna, Prime Foods food service, have provided Costa Rica’s restaurant industry with high-quality Certified Hereford Beef products since Jan. 2017. The duo spent two days in Kansas City immersing themselves in knowledge about the CHB brand.

“It was a pleasure hosting Luis and Michael in Kansas City,” says CHB chief operating officer Amari Manning. “Their passion for the brand and excitement of introducing CHB to Costa Rica is infectious. We are very pleased to have them as a partner.”

The Prime Imports and CHB staff visited National Beef Packing, toured the American Hereford Association museum and spent a day immersing themselves in CHB history and the strict program qualifications. The team also visited and experienced the Doss Hereford Ranch in Smithville, Mo., to understand the rancher perspective of raising Hereford animals.

“Our agenda was very interesting,” says Quesada. “From day one, we kept our eyes open, captured new information and compared it to our local practices. It was a very important trip for us to understand the CHB process well and develop the best version of our business model.”

At the end of the trip, Prime Imports staff left with a strong understanding of the Certified Hereford Beef program.

“CHB is not just a brand, but the final product of a well established process that shows excellence and care in every aspect,” says Acuna. “We at Prime Foods Costa Rica are proud to represent CHB in our market and hope to put our two brands in a high place in the mind of our customers.”