Certified Hereford Beef Makes Splash at Spring Food Shows

Certified Hereford Beef Makes Splash at Spring Food Shows
The Certified Hereford Beef team hit the road this spring and conquered the food show circuit spanning through April and May.

CHB regional brand managers Ron Santoro and Tim Norsten made stops at more than 10 food shows across the nation, including shows in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Virginia, Illinois, Nebraska and Missouri.

“The best thing I enjoy about food shows is when we are able to get producers at the event and converse with the consumer,” says Santoro. “The consumer is always blown away with the passion of these ranchers, as well as the science behind running a successful operation. This really puts the two pieces of the puzzle – the producers and consumers – together.”

Norsten agrees a producer presence at food shows enhances the experience for attendees.

“In my experience, we are the only brand that brings producers to events to speak with restaurant owners, chefs and consumers,” Norsten adds.

Aside from connecting the pasture to the plate, food shows allow CHB staff to make connections with a large volume of people in a short period of time.

“We have the opportunity to speak with so many people at food shows – hundreds, and sometimes thousands – who all get to try the product,” Norsten says. “My favorite part of my job is when someone tries Certified Hereford Beef for the first time and I see their smile. I call it their ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Santoro agrees the product speaks for itself.

“When a customer tries the product, I know Hereford beef has them hooked,” Santoro says. “The look on their face after sampling the product says it all.”