Certified Hereford Beef Hosts International Guests

Certified Hereford Beef recently hosted several international guests from Pretelt Gourmet Meats located in Panama. The group toured Ambassador Meats in Kansas City before heading to Schu-Lar Herefords, Lecompton, Kan., for a Hereford ranch tour.

Pretelt Gourmet Meats is the pioneer and number one distributor of American cuts in Panama and Colombia for more than 20 years, according to Pretelt Gourmet Meats vice president Roberto Pretelt, Jr.

While at Ambassador Meats, Pretelt Gourmet Meats staff were especially interested in the new sous vide products, a cooking method that maximizes the tenderness and minimizes the cooking time of the product.

“At our visit to the Ambassador plant, we were able to see the technological advances that exist in the meat industry with products pre-cooked in sous vide,” Pretelt Jr., says.

“We fully believe in the benefits of the Hereford breed and are working to help the consumer understand why Herefords are better,” Pretelt Jr., says. “We had an exceptional time at our visit to the Hereford ranch because we could see how the animals were being raised to produce an exceptional product.”