Certified Hereford Beef Presented to Chefs in Chile - Certified Hereford Beef

Certified Hereford Beef Presented to Chefs in Chile

Certified Hereford Beef Presented to Chefs in Chile
Together with the United States Meat Export Association and BuenaCarne, a Chilean processing facility and Certified Hereford Beef partner, the CHB program was presented to a large group of chefs and industry professionals in Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.

“We wanted to do this activity because chefs always want to learn about the different cuts to vary their menus,” says Juan Chau, owner of BuenaCarne. “There are other cuts they can use to vary their menus and not focus on the most typical cuts.

“Certified Hereford Beef allows us to tell our customers that in addition to the taste and smoothness of the product, they will have the same results throughout the year,” Chau explains. “Consistency is one of the greatest advantages of Certified Hereford Beef.”

Liz Wunderlich, USMEF, led the chef activity and explained the benefits of the CHB program.

“The feeding of the animal is important because the meat is like a sponge,” Wanderlich says. “It absorbs the flavor of the other elements. In general terms, Certified Hereford Beef has three main characteristics that differentiate its quality: tenderness, flavor and juiciness.”

Lance McFarland, executive chef at the Marina Grog and Galley, Kansas City, Mo., attended the seminar as a representative of CHB. McFarland performed live beef-cutting demonstrations where he deconstructed whole-primals for the chefs to educate them on how to merchandise each cut.

“Chile is a beautiful place with many skilled chefs,” McFarland says. “Certified Hereford Beef is putting the right product in the hands of a talented group of chefs.”

Iris Mayaudon, owner of Agri-Food and Feed and CHB export broker, says she has high expectations for the CHB program in the Chile market.

“We had a very successful visit,” Mayaudon says. “We were able to introduce the program and educate more than 100 chefs on the benefits of the Certified Hereford Beef brand. I strongly believe the program will be able to grow because there are not many beef programs in Chile with the same quality as CHB. The demand for beef has grown in Chile and this presents a great opportunity for Certified Hereford Beef.”