Certified Hereford Beef Team Hosts Trainings for Partners - Certified Hereford Beef

Certified Hereford Beef Team Hosts Trainings for Partners

The Certified Hereford Beef team hosted several important guests for farm to fork tours and CHB University trainings May 1-3 in Kansas City, Mo.

Representatives from Kohl Wholesale, Quincy, Ill., Sterling Foodservice, Phoenix, Ariz., and Chef Jonathan Scinto, Long Island, N.Y., visited with the CHB team to gain in-depth understanding of the CHB brand and how it benefits restaurateurs by offering differentiation and a competitive advantage against other beef brands.

“Promoting Certified Hereford Beef is one of our strategic priorities as a company,” says Aaron Kerkhoff, Kohl Wholesale director of sales. “We’ve had Certified Hereford Beef for over 10 years and have sold more than 10 million pounds. It’s our brand. We love cutting Certified Hereford Beef against the other brands out there because we’ve found it helps us stay more competitive and keeps us giving quality products to our customers. It is by far the most tender and flavorful beef out there.”

The farm to fork tour segment of the training is vital to educate foodservice sales managers and restaurant chefs on how Hereford cattle for the CHB program are sustainably and humanely raised. Each group toured a different Hereford operation within close proximity to the Kansas City area, including Schu-Lar Herefords, LeCompton, Kan., Frank Hug and Sons, Scranton, Kan., and Doss Herefords, Smithville, Mo.

“I believe as a chef you have to know where every ingredient you use and prepare with comes from,” says Scinto. “The farm to fork concept can mean so many things to so many chefs, but when I was able to go to the Hereford ranch, it gave me an opportunity to see the best cattle around and learn how they are raised, giving me more knowledge about the beef so I can educate my clients.”