Certified Hereford Beef Farm to Table Tour a Success - Certified Hereford Beef

Certified Hereford Beef Farm to Table Tour a Success

Certified Hereford Beef Farm to Table Tour a Success

The Certified Hereford Beef team recently brought the farm right to the feet of key foodservice distributors and decision makers during the Certified Hereford Beef Minnesota Farm to Table Tour Sept. 17-18.

The two-day event brought together 11 foodservice employees from North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin to participate in an in-depth training of Hereford production and the beef system.

“Developing events like the farm to table tour provides our Certified Hereford Beef partners with valuable information about beef production,” says Trey Befort, Certified Hereford Beef director of commercial programs. “These events provide a way for them to become even better Certified Hereford Beef partners and sales people.”

The tour, performed in conjunction with the Minnesota Beef Council, began at Lawrence Herefords in Princeton, Minn., where participants were able to see Herefords in all stages of life – from calves to cows – and learn more about the passion and dedication it takes to raise high-quality Hereford animals.

The group made a stop at Schiefelbein Farms, Kimball, Minn., where they were able to experience beef production on a slightly larger scale. Participants got a glimpse of a vertically integrated operation that is involved in production from start to finish. They were even able to gain first-hand experience of technology in action and peer into a microscope to view live embryos being used in embryo transfer.

In conjunction with the farm tours, participants toured Buckhead Minnesota, a cut steak and fresh burger operation, where they were able to view Certified Hereford Beef steaks and burgers being processed, packaged and shipped out to foodservice distributors to fill orders.

The tour wrapped up with a carcass breakdown from Dr. Ryan Cox, University of Minnesota professor, and Tristan McNamara, University of Minnesota meat lab supervisor. Dr. Cox broke down a shoulder clod and chuck roll, exposing the group to alternative cuts for they can take to their restaurant customers and provide menu inspiration and education.

“This was a great opportunity for fellowship with other Sysco operating companies, Certified Hereford Beef and the Minnesota Beef Council,” says Justin Barrick, Sysco Western Minnesota center of the plate specialist. “It was incredibly educational seeing the various aspects of beef production, steak cutting and burger production, as well as seeing Dr. Cox from the University of Minnesota Meat Science Department perform a should clod and chuck roll breakdown. This was very beneficial for us as we promote beef sales and the Certified Hereford Beef brand.”