The Ranch Kitchen’s Southwestern Taco Roll - Certified Hereford Beef

The Ranch Kitchen’s Southwestern Taco Roll

This week marks the last week and a half before Christmas and parties at work and at my daughter’s school are in full swing. Trying to send an appetizer or main dish that everyone will loves to parties is always a challenge. For myself, the challenge has always been to not only wow my guests, but also make sure the recipe I share is simple to create with ingredients they have in their pantry or freezer, and something they’ll want the recipe for. I also always hope that with each year that passes that my recipes will become a tradition with my girls and our family for many years to come.

Tonight, as my youngest daughter tried my newest beef creation, she informed me that is was right up there with my Pepper Steak recipe. For our Audrey, that is high praise as that beef dish is requested once monthly!

Beef is always on our table most nights, and this new recipe for my Southwestern Taco Roll was served in under 30 minutes along side some Ranch Style beans, chips and salsa with the highest compliments from not only my girls, but my husband as well.

Bread in any form has always been my weakness. I love rolls, French bread, biscuits and any type of bread that has butter or cheese spread on top of it. So, why not create a Hereford beef recipe with a Southwestern flare using taco seasoning, lean ground beef, onion, bell pepper, pimentos, and top it with cheese all wrapped inside the Pillsbury Hawaiian Crescent Rolls? Sounds like the perfect dish, doesn’t it?

The results were great and I have visions of sharing this recipe not only with Certified Hereford Beef, but the Texas Beef Council and cooking as a demo next year at the State Fair of Texas since it is that good.

This Southwestern Taco Roll is now planned for our upcoming cookie exchange this week for our guests, my Christmas luncheon with our staff at work, and will be something I even make for breakfast as a casserole on Christmas morning. I am envisioning it cooked the night before, wrapped in foil and reheated slightly in the oven on a low heat the morning of Christmas.

To make this Southwestern Taco Roll even more versatile, you could wrap the beef in single crescent roll triangles and make individual portions for appetizers. Imagine bite sized little beef taco rolls with a dollop or sour cream or salsa on the side!

As the holidays approach and you are looking for a colorful appetizer or a fun recipe to serve your family for dinner, try The Ranch Kitchen’s Southwestern Taco Roll. Whether you chose to serve it for dinner, as an appetizer or for breakfast on Christmas morning, your family and friends will love it!

As you can see from the picture below, I served it along side my Nolana’s Family Hot Sauce, or salsa, as you may call it. This traditional family salsa is a favorite and it is rare that we ever buy pre-made hot sauce from the store when we can make our own.

As one Hallmark movie I just watched so eloquently said, “Traditions are the memories you write together.”

I hope this recipe, along with the many others from The Ranch Kitchen and Certified Hereford Beef, become your treasured recipes for many years to come.

So, for now, I’ll keep writing our traditional recipes down for the generations to come in our family. It is my greatest wish and hope that you all enjoy them as well and make new memories around the table with your family.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from our family to yours at The Ranch Kitchen!

Alise Nolan
The Ranch Kitchen