Certified Hereford Beef steaks served at Gold Buckle Gala

Certified Hereford Beef steaks served at Gold Buckle Gala
Certified Hereford Beef donated steaks to the Gold Buckle Gala, the annual fundraising event for the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, MO.

The signature event of the gala is a fun-filled night with a silent auction, livestock sale, and dinner aimed to recognize and raise funds for the Southwest Missouri 4-H and FFA livestock exhibitors who have qualified for the auction.

Aaron Owen, Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and Event Center general manager says the Gala attendees raved about the flavorful Certified Hereford Beef steak served at the dinner portion of the event.

“Everyone loved the steak,” says Owen. “If I gave you a list of phone numbers of everyone from the event, I don’t think you would find a single complaint.”

Each year, Owen looks forward to the generous donation from Certified Hereford Beef and the flavorful beef experience he can provide to the gala attendees.

“I am a Simmental guy, but Certified Hereford Beef steaks always taste the best to me, and I’m sure a lot of other people would agree with me on that,” says Owen. “Certified Hereford Beef has done an amazing job with the brand, and the flavor of the products is always amazing.”

Each year, the Gold Buckle gala team strives to elevate the gala and provide new opportunities for the youth.

“Since its establishment in 2003, the gala is the event of the season and our biggest fundraiser,” says Owen. “We work year-round to provide opportunities for the youth, and the ticket money proceeds from the gala go back into new facilities, grants, scholarships, and major projects for the fairgrounds.”

Over 600 guests attended the event, and several records broke during the livestock market show sale, and ticket sales increased.

“This year’s gala was a huge success, we were happy to have attendance back up this year,” says Owen. “We broke several records and are proud of the new strides we make each year.”