Certified Hereford Beef Recognizes Brand Partners - Certified Hereford Beef

Certified Hereford Beef Recognizes Brand Partners

Certified Hereford Beef Recognizes Brand Partners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Certified Hereford Beef® honored National Beef Packing, Yoke’s Fresh Market, Sysco Nashville, Sysco Virginia and Chef Jonathan Scinto for their dedication to the Certified Hereford Beef brand at the American Hereford Association (AHA) Honorees Reception on Oct. 26, during the AHA Annual Meeting and Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

“Once again, this year has been one of growth and transformation for Certified Hereford Beef as we move our brand forward to a new era of success,” says Amari Seiferman, Certified Hereford Beef president and CEO. “Our accomplishments are due to the support from our valuable partners who diligently market, promote and sell our premium Certified Hereford Beef, produced by our network of more than 7,000 Hereford farm and ranch families.”

National Beef Packing
National Beef Packing was named the 2018 Packer of the Year. A brand partner since 2003, National Beef has consistently increased the sales and distribution of Certified Hereford Beef product each year. In 2018, they launched a new Certified Hereford Beef marketing campaign targeting their customers to increase recognition of and to ultimately grow the Certified Hereford Beef brand.

Yoke’s Fresh Market
Yoke’s Fresh Market has consistently been a top volume retailer for Certified Hereford Beef, marketing and promoting the brand to their loyal customers. The employee-owned, retail grocery chain has 17 locations across Washington and Idaho, and opened its first location in 1946. Yoke’s became a Certified Hereford Beef partner in 2015 and has since provided customers with a well-rounded program selection. Yoke’s Fresh Market was awarded the 2018 Retailer of the Year.

Sysco Nashville
Sysco Nashville was honored as the 2018 Foodservice Distributor of the Year and consistently ranks as one of the top Certified Hereford Beef foodservice distributors each month. Sysco Nashville was also honored as a member of the CHB 10 million pound club.

Sysco Virginia
The inaugural Marketer of the Year award was presented to Sysco Virginia to honor the foodservice distributor’s dedication to promoting the Certified Hereford Beef brand at the highest level. A proud supporter of the brand, Sysco Virginia has taken an innovative lead in marketing the Certified Hereford Beef program to its customers.

Chef Jonathan Scinto
Chef Jonathan Scinto is a celebrity chef who has been seen on Food Network’s “Chopped” and “Master Chef” and has promoted the Certified Hereford Beef brand at food events across the nation. He has shown a passion for the brand and a desire to educate consumers about the premium eating experience produced by America’s Hereford farmers and ranchers. This November, he will compete with Certified Hereford Beef products at the World Food Championship competition in Alabama. Chef Jonathan was honored as the 2018 Chef Brand Ambassador.


Certified Hereford Beef is a premium branded beef program owned by the American Hereford Association. Certified Hereford Beef is a USDA registered, certified and graded program. Animals must meet strict live and carcass specifications to qualify for the program. Certified Hereford Beef is recognized for consistent size and uniformity, delivering a high-quality beef product that provides an exceptional eating experience.