Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique breed-specific program allows a competitive advantage over all other programs in the industry. Our Premium and Choice program options consist of a full product line offering that will add value to your bottom line and keep your customers coming back for more.

Certified Hereford Beef is a premium branded beef program supported by the local Hereford farmers and ranchers of the American Hereford Association. Certified Hereford Beef is a USDA registered, certified and graded program and is a product of the USA. Animals must meet strict live and carcass specifications. Certified Hereford Beef is recognized for consistent size and uniformity, delivering a high-quality beef product that provides an exceptional eating experience.

Yes, Certified Hereford Beef is a USDA certified, graded and inspected program. All of our product is inspected for quality before being shipped for human consumption.

Certified Hereford Beef can be found in grocery stores and restaurants across the United States and internationally. To find Certified Hereford Beef near you, check out our Where to Buy section. You can also order Certified Hereford Beef online at

Certified Hereford Beef has two USDA graded programs. The Choice program is a USDA Choice and higher program. The Premium program is a USDA Upper 2/3 Choice and higher program. Each program contains the same 10 scientific specifications to ensure quality, consistency and an excellent eating experience.

We support our branded partners through marketing and education. We provide the tools and resources to help our partners market and promote the brand, which increases consumer awareness through knowledge of the brand qualities and the breed that makes our superior brand.

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