Dare to Be Different - Certified Hereford Beef

Certified Hereford Beef Gives You an Unbeatable Competitive Advantage

Certified Hereford Beef gives you the high standards, bolder taste and focus on local sourcing and transparent sustainability that today’s consumers are hungry for. We also give you an inspiring brand story backed by exceptional customer service and marketing support to help make your menus and your meat cases more attractive.

Strict Specifications

Not every Hereford animal meets the high standards required to earn the Certified Hereford Beef stamp of quality. In order to be accepted into the brand, each Hereford animal must meet the following Certified Hereford Beef requirements:

  • Minimum USDA Small00 (Choice) or Modest00 (Premium) marbling score
  • “A” maturity only
  • Medium to fine texture marbling
  • 10-16 in2 ribeye area
  • Moderately thick or thicker muscling
  • Less than one-inch fat thickness
  • Hot carcass weight of 1,050 pounds or less
  • No dark cutters
  • No capillary rupture
  • Neck hump not exceeding two inches in height


Brand Portfolio

Our program options consist of a full Premium and Choice product line that adds value to your bottom line.

What Advantages Do We Offer Restaurants, Retailers, and Their Distributors?

Certified Hereford Beef’s unique breed-specific program gives restaurants and retailers a competitive advantage over all other programs in the industry.

Brand Options

To add value to your bottom line, our full product offering consists of a highly sought after Premium option that is an Upper 2/3 USDA Choice and higher selection. In addition, we offer a high quality USDA Choice Certified Hereford Beef program.

High Standards

All Hereford cattle accepted into the program must meet 10 strict, science-based specifications. Certified Hereford Beef is also recognized as an industry leader that delivers consistent product size, uniformity and an exceptional eating experience.

Consistent Product

Certified Hereford Beef is proud to partner with industry leaders to provide our customers with unparalleled product consistency. Our strict carcass specifications have led our brand to be recognized as an industry leader for consistent product size and uniformity. This allows you to accurately calculate plate cost and maximize your margin.

Marketing Support

We help our licensed partners build their businesses by offering exceptional product quality, unwavering customer service, and curated marketing support. Certified Hereford Beef gives you a great story to tell with strong connections to the local sourcing and sustainability today’s socially conscious diners/consumers are looking for to keep them coming back to your grocery store or restaurant for more.


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