Testimonials - Certified Hereford Beef


We are glad that we can differentiate ourselves from other big stores and chains that carry black Angus beef.

Jamey Byrnes

Manager at Gary and Leo’s Fresh Food’s

Certified Hereford Beef has done an amazing job with the brand, and the flavor of the products is always amazing.

Aaron Owen

Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and Event Center general manager

Our teammates in our butcher shop have complete confidence that we are providing our customers with a truly unique, premium USDA Choice beef eating experience with Certified Hereford Beef. It clearly separates us from our competitors.

Ken Jones

Hen House Markets Meat Director

When you are with a customer sampling Certified Hereford Beef and educating them about the heritage, history, and all that the brand encompasses, you immediately see their face light up. There is absolutely no comparison in the market for Certified Hereford Beef.

Alana Kierbow

Foodservice Distributor Business Development Manager

In a world of “me too” establishments and products, take the plunge to pay for quality and ways to make your company different. Certified Hereford Beef® products provide the unique combination of high quality and competitive pricing.

Aaron Kerkhoff

Kohl Wholesale director of sales

Over the last few years of working with CHB briskets, I have found them to be the most consistent in what I look for in a brisket, and time after time, case after case, the CHB brisket just performs the best.

Andrew Dorsey

US Foods®-Austin center-of-the-plate specialist.