Meet The Ranchers

From their pasture to your plate, you can rest assured Certified Hereford Beef has been sustainably raised by the best caretakers in the world. Meet some of our Hereford farm and ranch families who make sure you have a tender, juicy and delicious Hereford beef meal every time.

Featured Families

Curry Family

Curry Herefords, Oklahoma

Curry Herefords, with ranches in McAlester and Okemah, Okla., is a family-owned and operated ranch that has been in business more than 30 years. Three generations are a part of the Curry Herefords operation. The Curry's pride themselves on raising high-quality Hereford cattle that perform for both registered and commercial operations. The Curry family is proud to support the Certified Hereford Beef brand.

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Curry Herefords has three generations working on the operation.

The Brancel Family

Next Generation Genetics, Wisconsin

Tod and Sondra Brancel, along with their children, Blake and Bryce, own and operate Next Generation Genetics located in Endeavor, Wis. The Brancel Family operation consists of approximately 280 acres. Two-hundred of these acres are tillable and utilized for pasture for their Hereford cattle. The farm has been in the Brancel family for many generations - Tod, Sondra and family mark the 5th generation to live and work on the farm. The Brancel family is a strong advocate for the agricultural industry, and you can often find Sondra sharing stories from their farm on social media.

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Tod and Sondra Brancel and Family are the 5th generation to live and work on their farm.

Van Newkirk Family

Van Newkirk Herefords, Nebraska

Van Newkirk Herefords is located in the rolling hills of Oshkosh, Neb. Owned by Joe and Cyndi Van Newkirk, the ranch dates back to 1892 when Lorenzo Van Newkirk began mating Hereford bulls to his longhorn cows. Van Newkirk Herefords is a family affair, with Joe and Cyndi's children and grandchildren still assisting on the ranch. The ranch hosts a sale each year, marketing more than 350 Hereford bulls and cows to commercial cattlemen. The Van Newkirk family supports the Certified Hereford Beef brand.

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Van Newkirk Herefords dates back to 1892.

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