Affiliated Foods Spring Retail Food Show

Affiliated Foods Spring Retail Food Show
The Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) team and National Beef Packing team members began the spring food show season in full force by promoting the CHB brand at the Affiliated Foods Spring Retail Food Show in Amarillo, Texas, March 24.

Ty Ragsdale, Certified Hereford Beef brand manager, and Brenyn Burkholder, Certified Hereford Beef marketing manager, educated potential customers on the benefits of the Certified Hereford Beef brand and networked with more than 50 current customers. The team was joined by David Ollre, National Beef sales and marketing manager; Wesly Steimel, National Beef business manager – branded beef; and Tom Rich, National Beef account manager.

“I was impressed by the number of potential customers that stopped by our booth to learn about the Certified Hereford Beef program,” Ollre says. “In addition, many current CHB customers came to the booth to reconnect and discuss CHB’s new marketing assets and the numerous point-of-sale materials available to licensed retail partners.”

In addition to engaging with current and potential customers, the team offered CHB ribeye steak and burgers to the food show attendees.

“Everyone wanted to stop by to try our delicious burgers and ribeye steak,” Ragsdale explains. “Our presence was well known throughout the show based on our booth’s high volume of foot traffic.”

Affiliated Foods is a longtime partner and the largest retail distributor of Certified Hereford Beef. They showcase the brand as their premier beef program to the hundreds of stores they distribute to in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota and Arkansas.

Both the Certified Hereford Beef team and National Beef Packing team are thankful for Affiliated Foods committed partnership with the CHB brand. They are excited for future growth opportunities, customer events, and food shows.

“We look forward to joining the Certified Hereford Beef team and supporting the brand at the Affiliated Foods fall retail food show in August,” Ollre says.