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Hereford Heritage

Our story began in 1991 when the American Hereford Association undertook the most ambitious and comprehensive cattle breed study to determine the contribution of Hereford Beef to the American beef supply. We’ve been beefing up American plates ever since.


The American Hereford Association partners with Colorado State University to study the contribution of Hereford beef to the American food supply. The results showed Hereford beef was superior in every category.



Certified Hereford Beef is formed to market Hereford Beef to American families, from American families.



Certified Hereford Beef surpasses the 25 million pounds sold mark.



Certified Hereford Beef celebrates it’s 10th anniversary.



The Certified Hereford Beef Choice program is launched into the market.



Certified Hereford Beef surpasses the 50 million pounds sold mark.



Certified Hereford Beef celebrates it’s 20-year anniversary.



Certified Hereford Beef launched the Premium program – an upper 2/3rds USDA Choice and Prime program



Hereford farmers and ranchers across the United States are providing American families with tender, great tasting beef.

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